What Are Boundaries in Real Life?

Trauma-Informed Care begins with Self-Care.

Join us in this interactive and engaging four-hour workshop and take away the tools to set and maintain boundaries in all aspects of your life.

Shanon Williams-Hughes, BASW

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2023

2:30-6:30 pm, Eastern Time, USA

Virtual Live via Zoom


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Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and constantly drained by the demands of others?

Are you feeling burned out in your relationships at home, with friends, or at work?

It’s time to reclaim control over your life and establish healthy boundaries that foster self-care, personal growth, and meaningful relationships. 

What’s in it for you?

  • Empowerment and Self-Care: Discover the power of saying “no” without guilt, prioritizing your needs, and setting realistic expectations for yourself. This dynamic and activity-packed workshop will give you the tools to create a life that aligns with your values and nurtures your well-being.
  • Improved Relationships: Learn how to establish clear boundaries with family, friends, colleagues, and romantic partners to develop healthier communication patterns and cultivate relationships built on respect and mutual understanding.
  • Stress Reduction and Emotional Well-being: Learn effective strategies to manage stress and nurture your mental well-being to reduce overwhelm and cultivate emotional resilience. Protect your energy and emotional space!
  • Personal Growth and Authenticity: Unlock your full potential and live authentically by honoring your values, passions, and personal boundaries. By doing so, you’ll gain a strong sense of self to confidently navigate life’s challenges with grace.

Trauma and Boundaries

The experience of trauma can have a significant impact on boundary setting later in a person’s life. You’ll learn how to overcome those impacts to ensure a balanced life, even in the face of trauma.

You’ll come away with a step-by-step method for setting healthy boundaries that will empower your trauma-informed journey towards empowered living!

Not a Brain Dump

This is not some one-way, talking head lecture. You’ll be digging in and practicing real, tangible, and actionable tools and techniques that you can use immediately.

In addition, you’ll gain access to a private, safe, and secure forum where you can continue the conversation, both with the Facilitator and your peers.

Who should attend?

This interactive workshop is for anyone who finds themselves struggling with setting boundaries, personally, professionally, or otherwise.

It’s also perfect for people who operate in a helping or healing capacity where guiding others toward healthy boundaries would improve outcomes.

Limited Seats

Due to the interactive nature of the course, we have limited spots to ensure a personalized experience.

Reserve your spot today!

Meet your Facilitator

Shanon Williams-Hughes, BASW

Shanon has dedicated her life to creating resources and access to all eight pillars of wellness. 

Her belief is that everyone deserves to live in peace.  To do that, she identifies barriers to healthy well-being and works to remove them.

Why Train With the TIC Training Center?

  • Trauma-Informed Approach: We prioritize your well-being by integrating trauma-informed considerations into our teachings.
  • Safety: Feel safe and supported as you navigate the process of learning and growing.
  • Interactive Setting: Engage in a dynamic and interactive virtual learning environment. Our courses foster connection, reflection, and growth through group discussions, exercises, and real-life case studies.
  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from the wisdom and expertise of our experienced facilitators who have helped individuals transform their lives. Our facilitators provide guidance, support, and personalized insights throughout the course and in a closed forum after the course.

Join us on this transformative journey and equip yourself with the skills to create a life of balance, fulfillment, and healthy relationships.