Trauma Informed Caring Requires Cultural Humility

Understanding the intersection of trauma and culture.

Bethany Monteiro

Friday, November 17th 2023
9:00-11:00am Eastern Time USA
Virtual Live via Zoom


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Deepen the Connections

Embark on a profound exploration of compassion and cultural understanding in our collective journey towards becoming more trauma-informed. In this transformative experience, we delve into the intricate relationship between trauma and culture, recognizing that our backgrounds shape our interactions, values, and perceptions in ways both subtle and profound.

Cultural Humility, a dynamic and ongoing process of self-exploration, becomes the compass guiding us. It entails not just acknowledging our own cultural contexts but also embracing a genuine willingness to learn from others. As we navigate the complexities of this journey, we aim to foster a deep connection with others, honoring their beliefs, customs, and values.

Who Should Join

This training is tailored for those committed to personal and societal growth:

  • Behavioral Support Staff
  • Nonprofit and Community Workers
  • Educators and Administrators
  • Individuals Engaged in Refugee and Community Support
  • Residents and Workers in Diverse or Urban Communities
  • Frequent International Travelers for Work or Pleasure

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding Cultural Humility: Gain insights into the profound impact of cultural humility on personal and societal traumas. Explore the consequences of its absence in our interactions.
  • Intersectionality with Cultural Humility: Define and delve into the concept of intersectionality, exploring it with culturally humble approaches, strategies, and activities.
  • Shared Wisdom: Create a dynamic space for sharing experiences, recognizing that each participant contributes valuable wisdom to our collective journey.

Join us in this enriching experience to not only cultivate cultural humility but also to contribute to the progress of humanity. Together, let’s build a more compassionate and interconnected world.

Meet Your Host

Bethany Monteiro is continuously humbled and dedicated to serving marginalized communities both domestically and internationally. She approaches this work by centering trauma-informed strategies to promote restorative solutions and equitable outcomes. 

She lived and worked in Mozambique where she served as a U.S. Peace Corps volunteer for 3.5 years. There she learned a great deal about “being human.” On returning to the U.S., she continued her career in Cleveland, Ohio (her hometown) as a nonprofit program creator and manager, working for local community organizations.

Bethany is currently the Community Outreach Education Coach at MetroHealth, Cleveland’s county hospital. She facilitates trauma-informed programs for trauma ward patients and victims of crime survivors, and she leads professional development training for hundreds of Cleveland professionals.

Throughout her travels and engaging with people from many walks of life, Bethany has learned that trauma is the root of human circumstance, and she feels blessed to share this human experience with you.