Trauma and Intellectual Developmental Disorders: An Introduction

Shannon McFadden, MS, CPRP, CFRP

Friday, June 2nd, 2023

3:00 – 5:00 pm, Eastern Time

Virtual Live via Zoom


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What is it?

This training was developed to provide an overview of how trauma impacts persons living with intellectual and developmental disorders. 

What will the attendee take away from this event?

Participants of this training will be able to discuss the definition of trauma, various factors that may cause in persons living with intellectual and developmental disorders, how trauma impacts communication, and ways to mitigate the impact of the trauma.

Who should attend?

People who work with persons living with intellectual and developmental disorders, including direct care staff, house managers/case managers, peer specialists, and peer advocates. 

Meet your host

Shannon McFadden, MS, CPRP, CFRP

Shannon has spent the majority of her professional career advocating for others. While a student at Spelman College, she worked as a Playtime Counselor, providing support for children living with autism and cerebral palsy. Upon graduation, Ms. McFadden worked with people diagnosed with mental health disorders and substance use disorders. While working with this population, she discovered that many of the clients experienced significant amounts of trauma.

As a Special Educator and Quality Enhancement Director for adults with special needs, Ms. McFadden saw that trauma was a glaring theme with a majority of the children and adults she encountered. In her research, she saw that persons living with intellectual and developmental disorders were not seen in the space of trauma informed care, specifically BIPOC youth that are forensically involved. As a result, her focus became educating professionals in the human services field on the intersectionality of race, age, disability, and trauma.

Shannon has her Bachelors of Arts in Psychology from Spelman College, and her Masters of Science in Forensic Psychology, with a focus on Juvenile Justice Program Development, from Walden University. She resides with her daughter, her two dogs, and her pet snake.