Psychological Trauma in Aging and at End-of-Life

Barbara Ganzel PhD LMSW

December 9th, 2022
4:00-6:00 pm ET
Virtual Live via Zoom


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Barbara Ganzel
Barbara Ganzel PhD LMSW

Psychological trauma doesn’t go away just because we get older. In fact, research suggests the opposite.

This training provides an overview of psychological trauma, sources of trauma and trauma re-emergence for older adults, and implications for clinical care.

This work is based on medical and neuroscience research, leavened with case examples and the trainer’s personal and professional experience with end-of-life caregiving in the context of trauma.

Participants will learn:

  • Two definitions of psychological trauma (did you know experts disagree?)
  • Who’s got trauma?
  • What’s older age got to do with it?
  • Why does it matter, especially at or near the end of life?

Participants will also learn what they can do to help. This includes increased awareness of the signs and symptoms of delayed response to trauma, approaches to trauma-informed and trauma-specific intervention, and strategies for communication about trauma for self and others.

Who should attend?

  • Mental health professionals
  • Long-term care professionals
  • Medical professionals
  • Allied health care professionals
  • Caregivers and family members of older adults
  • Humans who will age or know someone who will (AKA everyone)

What will you take away from this event?

You’ll gain a comprehensive awareness of the prevalence and impact of psychological trauma among older adults.

You’ll learn sources of trauma for this population, as well as the importance of trauma symptoms as a target for screening, assessment, and intervention.

You’ll leave with a basic toolkit of strategies to help reduce trauma re-experiencing and improve sense of safety in vulnerable older adults.

Meet your host

Barbara Ganzel PhD LMSW is a trauma therapist, research neuroscientist, and hospice-trained clinical social worker. She has 25+ years of experience studying the impact of stress and trauma on brain, body, and behavior across the lifespan.

Barbara is an experienced trainer and enthusiastic public speaker. Her passion lies in raising awareness of the need for trauma-informed elder care, long-term care, and end-of-life care – and in creating and giving trainings to providers so that they can do this important work.

Learn more about Barbara here

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